German grammar



with Genitiv:

außerhalb outside
diesseits from this page
halber due to
infolge by
inmitten within
innerhalb inside
jenseits from there
kraft under
längs along
mittels with
oberhalb over
seitens from the site
trotz despite
um ... willen for, because
ungeachtet despite
unterhalb under
unweit not far from
während during
zugunsten for, in favor of

With Dativ:

ab from
aus from
bei by, at, next to
binnen within
entgegen opposite
gegenüber opposite
gemäß according to
laut by
mit with
mitsamt including
nach after, to, by
samt including
seit od
von of, from, by
zu to
zuliebe for

With Akkusativ:

bis up to
durch by
für for
gegen against
ohne without
per by
pro pro
um about
wider against

With Dativ if they express place, with Akkusativ if they express movement:

an at, to
auf on
in in
neben next to
vor before
hinter behind
über over
unter under
zwischen between

Other situations.

The preposition entlang is associated with Genital, Dativ or Akkusativ.

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