German grammar

Declension of adjectives.

The adjective in the predicate function is invariant: Der Tisch ist schwarz. Die Wand ist schwarz.

The adjective in the function of the attribute (that is, before the noun) is different. Its inflection depends on the words that precede it.

There are three varieties of an adjective in the function of an attribute:
- weak declension (after the article der and the group of pronouns dieser, jener, jeder, mancher, welcher, solcher, derselbe, derjenige, alle, beide) - the endings -e and -en
- strong declension (without an accompanying article or pronoun) - endings -er, -e, -es, -em, -en
- mixed declension (after the article ein, possessive pronouns mein, dein, sein, ihr, unser, euer, Ihr and the word kein) - endings - er, -e, -es, -en.
The adjective is also graded.

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